Sunday, March 11, 2012

la exploradora

one of my new years resolutions was to pursue relationships, opportunities, and pastimes that make me happy, which has led to meeting a lot of new people, exploring parts of the city (and suburbs) i'd rarely or never visit, and even starting a new job. there's been lots of happiness all around.

the far north side of chicago, while flying in from the (south)east,
after an impromptu trip to knoxville in january.

 my friend erin took me on an unexpected suburban adventure a few weeks ago,
which included visits to a bar dedicated to chocolate (and its health benefits!),
a tea shop (where we sampled vanilla chai rooibos tea & i met a handsome stranger!),
a vintage store (where i bought the doily for my dreamcatcher),
and a spice shop (where i talked myself out of buying very fancy cinnamon...).
naperville's kind of cool, i guess.

my new office is right on the lakeshore, so sometimes i leave for work early
& get a beachy walk in before i start my day.

my new job also sometimes takes me through the andersonville & edgewater neighborhoods
on the far north side, which are full of beautiful houses -
the first street looks like it belongs in atlanta, no?

 yesterday was nearly 70 degrees, and meghan & i spent the day meandering around rogers park.
the beach was blissfully sunny and uncrowded and, while wandering around
the neighborhood after, we stumbled upon this mural window covering
and also an awesome wall just like this one!

aaaaand: in 2 weeks, this will be the site of the first ever chicago breakfast hat club!


  1. What a great resolution! I'm in need of a mid-year attitude adjustment and that might be just what I need to do. Also, what great scenery you have on your commute - I miss walking to work, it would probably help with my general crankiness these days.

    1. try it! a change of scenery/perspective can do wonders.