Thursday, May 17, 2012

art + wine

after attending a fundraiser last night that involved painting and sipping vino, erin and i have decided that the combination of the two is the best therapy ever. this week has been hectic and stressful for us both, so it was wonderful to unwind, be creative, and spend a few hours venting and laughing with one of my best girlfriends (who is leaving me to start law school in michigan in two months... tear!).

PS: while the rest of the class painted this, we decided to mix things up and make our paintings one of a kind!


  1. Looks like fun! Did you ever see my painting from the Bob Ross party? Just give me a fro.

  2. Love it! Clearly it's the experience that counts (the fun, the wine, the time together), and the product (the painting) is just bonus.

  3. How fun! Also, Cheri's painting was incredible. Best one at the party, I can attest to that! CJoLo, do you have the photo from that night?

  4. Oh wow, I thought for sure everyone had abandoned this blog since I NEVER write on it anymore!

    I second Kendre's request that you share pictures of your painting, CJoLo (LOVE the addition to the nickname!).

    And mama, the company was amazing. See how I'm laughing at something Lia said in the first picture? :)