Friday, May 11, 2012

a derby outfit on a budget

this is my first "what i wore" blog post ever. after years of planning outfits for pretend trips to the kentucky derby (see here and here, and believe me when i say that while i've been planning derby dream outfits since 2006, i'm too embarrassed to link to my college blog), i finally went got to go this year and didn't buy any new clothing for the occasion!

straw hat: $12, bought at CVS last year to shade my face from sunshine on afternoons spent at lake michigan

why yes, i DID decorate this hat myself :)

hat embellishments: $15, bought at michael's in lakeview about a month ago (i now own a gigantic roll of tulle & a hot glue gun, if anyone wants to borrow!) 

shirt: $8, bought at a thrift store in fort worth last spring

LOVE the back of this shirt!
skirt: $6, bought at the white elephant in lincoln park last month

jewelry: beaded necklace and random wooden bracelet borrowed from my roommate, 2 more bracelets made from ebony wood given to me by my boss a few weeks back

shoes: $18 aqua havainas, bought six years ago at urban outfitters in cincinnati (i planned on wearing cuter shoes, but was worried about mud...)

TOTAL: $59, paid over the course of six years. not too shabby.


  1. I want to go to the Kentucky derby and wear a big hat! :(

  2. How fun that you finally went to the derby and great outfit too! Was it as fabulous as you'd hoped?