Sunday, July 01, 2012

are you still there, long lost blog readers?

i'm currently in madison, wisconsin, at a yoga retreat for work, and it is a whopping 100 degrees. also, i find myself with a henna tattoo on my arm (what?).

life has kept me busy lately. i've been traveling a lot the last two months - there was a 4-day-long trip to DC (which included a dance party in front of the white house... more on that later), a frenzied 36-hour trip to cincinnati (that's long enough to eat indian food, go to a wedding, plan becca's bridal shower, go to father's day brunch, and take a quick walking tour of the banks, if you're curious), and now i find myself in the great state of wisconsin for 5 days. summer has arrived in chicago (sans the usual cooling rains), and i've been doing things like picnic-ing on the beach, eating breakfast on the back porch, planting (and killing) cilantro, going for long walks, eating tons of salads, and reading summer-friendly books like the secret life of bees and divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood. more adventures coming soon!


  1. Excellent choice on the henna. Me, I begged off and bought a sari instead.

    Enjoyed meeting you. See you on the Square... Here's what I wanted to introduce you to: http:///


  2. Hi Asa! You're a good Googler!

    I'm glad you shared the info about the LS film series... I'll definitely keep an eye on the site and try to make a movie sometime. Hope yall aren't roasting out there tonight!

    Nice to meet you, too!