Wednesday, August 29, 2012

august has come & gone...

  •  i've jumped head-first into new & exciting professional opportunity in the local fair trade world. it is filled with networking and an upcoming speaking engagement! oh my. 
  • i've been spending my weekends (and occasionally weekdays) at festivals selling, selling, selling... and talking about fair trade, of course. have i mentioned lately how much i love the several recent twists in my career path? it's been lovely.
  • i've had a crazy awful bacterial infection on my legs for the last month and a half. no matter how many antibiotics i take, it still hangs on. i was in so much pain i couldn't walk for nearly a week, i've been to the doctor no less than 10 times (and counting), and since my bottom half is covered in scars and sores and bandaids and gauze and white medical tape, sundress season has been (mostly) wasted.
  • ...but i've bought several maxi dresses to make this situation more bearable. so glad they're currently in style!
  • some old friends have moved out of state, and but i've made several new friends in their absence... including but not limited to a new roommate and a new boyfriend. (yeah, i said it!)
  • my aunts, sister, and i planned and threw a bridal shower in cincinnati for miss becca last weekend. it was lovely! and i found out that i LOVE cucumber sandwiches... particularly if they include goat cheese and thin slices of red onions. :)
  • there have been so many home improvement projects! i stained my front door (success!) AND painted my coffee table teal. it doesn't match the new carpet i bought, so now i have to sell the carpet on craigslist, though. you win some, you lose some?
  • i FINALLY went to my first baseball game of the 2012 season last weekend! the wrong team won.
  • since i didn't get to stop by skyline on my quick trip to cincinnati, i am making lentil skyline for dinner tonight (for the first time)! hence, the picture at the top of this post. nom nom.
here's to hoping september is as awesome/eventful (and that i find more time to write)! xo. 


  1. The RIGHT team won, you traitor, you! boo hiss. And where did you see this stop sign? Too funny!

  2. I have to agree with Mom. We must have attended a different ballgame. I clearly remember the right team winning the game I attended with you. Perhaps in some alternate universe?